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Miss Kitty Kane
Glasgow Dominatrix

Step Into My World

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Welcome my darlings, come in and have a look around. I’m Kitty; a polyamorous pervert, hedonist and your guide to the wonderful, debauched world of kink and BDSM. I am a Glasgow based professional Dominatrix with over a decade of experience in making fantasies a reality. This makes me a master (or should I say Mistress) of my craft. My passion is providing a uniquely tailored experience and a safe space for you to explore all of your desires. As a Mistress nothing brings me joy quite like the sight of a naughty pervert on their hands and knees ready to experience an adventure like no other. You’ll find I have a friendly and warm manner but don’t let that fool you, I’m perfectly capable of taking you in hand and teaching you a lesson.

I’m equally at ease catering to nervous newbies or experienced submissives. Whilst I generally take a softer, seductive, more ‘girl-next-door’ approach to sessions, with the right masochist or experienced player I delight in bringing out my sadistic side. I never raise my voice and I rarely swear. Instead, I prefer to use my well-spoken and varied vernacular to fill you with equal amounts of fear and excitement. I’m a thespian at heart who loves to dress up and play a part as much as I love being my wholly unadulterated self. I have a background in psychology and I am of the opinion that exploring kink and BDSM is a way that we, as adults, can escape the mundane and play and connect with ourselves on a whole new level. 

I live an authentically alternative lifestyle. I’m openly polyamorous, an advocate for sex-worker’s rights, own two personal slaves and I guarantee you that I look at as many ladies’ bottoms as you do. It may interest you to know that I speak three languages, am a lover of literature and musical theatre and occasionally dabble in the dark arts of tabletop gaming. I’m also a self-confessed foodie and gym bunny because everyone needs balance.

You could read about me all day, but the only way to truly experience my world is to book a session and find out for yourself.

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